Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to Project Movie House.

As it says in the sidebar this site is to be a documentary, of sorts, on theaters I remember from growing up -- in and around the Tri-city area of Albany, Schenectady & Troy, New York.

The project was born from my forgetting the name of a theater that used to be behind the bank where my mother worked in Guilderland. Until that point we had to travel ALL THE WAY to Colonie to see a movie! So this brand new, two-screen theater was a revelation!

I saw "Jaws" there. I even took a girl. Big stuff let me tell you. I remember being in the theater, jumping out of my pants when the head pops out of the boat, holding Amy's hand, even being driven there by our parents. But could I recall the name of the place? No. I was stumped, and the search was on.

I asked my wife, I asked my friend David, I asked my parents. Nobody could remember. So I turned to the one source I knew would have the answer: Google! Surprisingly it took a while to come up with the answer. I ended up at the website of the Guilderland Public Library and their online collection of back issues of the Altamont Enterprise. God bless you nameless worker bee who took the time and effort to scan and post PDFs of all those old newspapers!

My search was ended, I had found what I was looking for: Star Twin Cinema (1973-1974). It changed ownership and names shortly after and became the Plaza Cine I and II (1974 - 1977). It was on Rt. 155 near the intersection of Rt. 20. But alas, my search was not over. I then thought hey, what about the Indian Ladder Drive-In out on Rt. 85 in New Scotland? Wonder what's up with that? And I was off on another hunt for info, photos, stories, etc.

So here we are and what I hope will be a fun trip down memory lane for you and me. Please feel free to comment, email and share your own memories, stories and photos. And watch for the next post (which I hope will be soon) as I begin introducing theaters!

- Allen

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