Monday, April 26, 2010

Indian Ladder Drive-In: UPDATE

I was off to Voorheesville this past Friday to meet my sisters and work around the old family homestead. On my way into town I stopped off at the former Mayfair and Indian Ladder Drive-In properties to take some photos. I was surprised to find actual remnants of the Indian Ladder still exist.

I found the approximate location of the Projection Booth/Snack Bar, the ground still rises and falls and is covered in shale gravel where vehicle aisles were. There are light poles and a wooden fence along the right hand side where the entrance was. I even found an old, rusted Genesee Beer sign leaning against a tree. My father told me that they used to have these ad signs on the perimeter fence.

I'll attach a few pix here and post the rest on the flickr photostream.

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