Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello's from the mother land... Part 2

So we're on the radar in the Capital District... Chuck Miller (mentioned yesterday) did a nice write up about our website on his blog.

The Capital District had some of the most memorable motion picture palaces and intimate drive-ins around. How many of us remember the great Mohawk Drive-In on Central Avenue in Colonie, with the big arrow-toting Indian on the back side of the movie screen, visible to all drivers along Central Avenue. How many of us remember the great Hellman Theater on Washington Avenue Extension, the first theater in the Capital Region that was capable of hosting the biggest widescreen features of its day. And then there was the Petit Cine 1-2, which used to show…

Um… scuse me… gotta get back on topic.

Allen Pinney and his partner David Blanchard remember those old motion picture palaces and ozone gatherers, many of which have unfortunately disappeared today. Their plan is to chronicle those forgotten drive-ins and theaters of a bygone era into both a website – Project Movie House – and an upcoming documentary film.

Read the rest of his blog post here: The “Project Movie House” website

- Allen

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