Saturday, July 10, 2010

Script Snippit

Here's a small taste of the script's opening sequence...

But it is in the states, the home of Hollywood, that our story takes place. Starting in West Orange, New Jersey five years prior to the Lumière’s big night.

The inventions of George Eastman and William K.L. Dickson would meet in 1890 to produce the first public demonstration of motion pictures at the Edison Laboratories.

In 1889 George Eastman, inventor of the Kodak camera, had developed celluloid, a felexible, transparent film, capable of recording motion as well as projecting the image afterward.

In November of 1890 William Dickson, an assistant to Thomas Edison, built the first motor-driven movie camera. They called it the Kinetograph.

Followed shortly there after by the first movie projector – The Kinetoscope – Edison opened America’s first movie studio on his Laboratory property in 1893 and dubbed it the Black Maria.

In mid-April 1894, the first Kinetoscope Parlor opened in New York City and for the first time movies were commercially exhibited as we know them today.

- Allen

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