Monday, November 8, 2010

A Visit to New Scotland

This past weekend I drove out to New Scotland to meet with Marion Parmenter of the New Scotland Historical Association. And it was well worth the three and a half hour drive! She shared stories, photos and a wonderful artifact from the Indian Ladder Drive-In with me. I in turn gave the museum a binder of articles and photos from my research for them to use in their archives. She also provided more contact information for New Scotland/Voorheesville residents that would be able to help me with even more info about the Legion Hall, Mayfair and Indian Ladder drive-ins.

She also invited me to write an article for their newsletter The Sentinel about the project including a plea for help from fellow New Scotlanders. So fingers crossed the goodies and interviews will come rolling in!

Okay, first up, a post card dated May 3, 1951. A direct mail advertising effort listing shows, prices and giveaways for the month of May.

And here is a photo taken from the front of Dunston's Garage looking toward the Indian Ladder. This came from a group of photos of Dunston's itself, that's why it is focused on the gas pumps.

And finally here is a great piece of the theater itself. A wooden indian torso (minus his tomahawk wielding hand) that would have been nailed to the stockade fence that faced Route 85. I do vaguely remember these fellows waving from that fence! This was donated to the museum anonymously by a someone who had swiped it as a college prank!

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