Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Albany Times-Union ~ Saturday, July 5, 1975

I was lucky enough to stumble on a copy of the Albany Times-Union dated 1975. The page 8, page 9 spread held the local theater ads and movie times. Here is a list of theaters from the "Movie Clock":
Carman Drive-In, Center, Cine 1-2-3-4, Cinema 7, Delaware, Fox, Guilderland Plaza Cine, Hellman, Indian Ladder Drive-In, Jerhico Drive-In, Latham Drive-In, Madison, Mohawk Drive-In, Petit Cine, Towne, Tri-City Twin, Turnpike Drive-In, Glenvue, Mohawk Mall, Proctors Schenectady, Riverview Drive-In, Scotia Art, State, U.A. Plaza, Crandell Theater, Fairview, Hudson Studio, Sunset Drive-In, Hi-Way Drive-In, Malta Drive-In, Super 50 Drive-In, Autovision, Cinema Art, Hollywood Drive-In, Hudson River, Proctors Troy.
WHEW! That list covers Albany, Schenectady, Columbia, Greene, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties.

Hey, I'll hand out a no-prize if you can spot the "Adult" theaters!
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