Monday, April 16, 2012

Gone, but not forgotten!

Soooo... I owe you an apology. It has been some time since I updated the blog, or done any REAL research on our beloved movie houses.

I'm sorry.

It's a good news, bad news kinda thing.

The good news: Along with my business partner we have recently launched Live Lobster Group, LLC. LLG is a media production company where we are currently producing a documentary film on arson-for-profit, during the 1970s, in Boston. We are also producing a web series entitled "New England, USA".

The bad news: I have not been able to return to the Albany area to conduct more research and interviews for Project Movie House.

I have every intention of getting back soon. Honest.

As soon as I can too. I have over due appointments, including; The Spotlight newspaper archives and to conduct a follow-up interview with Bob Conahan and his wife. Bob's Dad built the Mayfair Drive-In in New Scotland.

As always, if anyone comes across articles, memorabilia, or knows anyone who has worked at any of the now defunct theaters in the Capital Region, or anyone who might have a story to share, please let me know!

Thanks for your patience and understanding,
- Allen

Live Lobster Group, LLC
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