ALLEN PINNEY works freelance in Film & Television Production. He grew up outside of Voorheesville, NY within walking distance of Clayton A. Bouton High School. Allen's first job in television was working at WTEN/NEWS10 as a graphic artist and studio camera operator. This project is the result of his inability to remember the name of the theater where he first saw "Jaws". I know! What is up with that right? This oversight has since been corrected and that theater will be duly noted in future posts.
DAVID BLANCHARD is a trailer and DVD special features editor living in Los Angeles. David grew up in the Albany area during the 1970's and frequented many of the movie theaters that have now disappeared from the landscape. A true movie fanatic from age 13, he was such a regular at film houses like the Cine 10, Hellman's Towne Theatre, and the Fox Colonie, that they almost knew him by name.
David Blanchard, Editor

Special Thanks
Gordon & Lettie Pinney
Marion Parmenter, New Scotland Historical Association
Bob & Barbara Conahan
Rich Frohlich
Rick Cohen,
Chuck Miller,
Mike Engle, Diners of New York
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